Assessment of the Italian research: very good result for IMT

On July 16, the Italian agency ANVUR – Angenzia nazionale di valutazione del sistema universitario e della ricarca, published the results of the Assessment of Research 2004-2010 (VQR).

During the past 20 months, 450 experts selected by ANVUR (assisted by 15.000 reviewers) monitored 185,000 publications (books, articles, patents, conference proceedings, etc.) produced by professors and researchers from 95 Italian university, 12 research institutions and 26 voluntary institutions.

The agency divided the universities and the research institutions in three categories: large, medium and small. In order to make an overall comparison (for each of the 14 disciplinary areas) have been identified seven indicators including quality of research, attraction of resources, mobility of researchers and internationalization.

The analysis of the results shows that University of Padua have been classified first in 7 of the 14 areas, Bicocca (Milan), Verona, Bologna, Trento and Bolzano had very good score too. Between the smaller universities we can find Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (Pisa), Scuola Normale (Pisa) and Luiss (Roma) at the first three places.

IMT reached the first position in the area of Statistics and Economics, with an average score of twice the national one in this subject area. Unfortunately it was not possible fo ANVUR to evaluate the other IMT disciplinary areas due to the low number of IMT professors and researchers in the period 2004-2010.

In the website of ANVUR is possible to download the final report and all the rating given to the universities. Click here to access to the documents.