Longing for Google Reader

It's already been a week since Google Reader has been closed...
My primary source of information no longer exists and chaos is reigning on my feeds.
I have some on my iGoogle page, others are in Mozilla bookmarks, many others in my e-mail (I subscribed by e-mail when it was possible) and my personal Google+ profile: I feel like I'm loosing control!
Ok, no panic. I'm going to try other tools such as Feedly or Feedreader, but if anyone has a good tool to recommend me, I will appreciate it very much!




Roberto said…
I'm using Feedly as a replacement of Google Reader and the transisition is seamless: automatic import (at least since Reader was active), same view modes and even same keyboard shortcuts! And the mobile application is definitely better.
IMT Library said…
thank you very much Roberto for your suggestion. I'm just importing my feed from Feedreader to Feedly: it's definitely the best I have tried!