A decalogues for bibliometrics

Since the demand of measures of individual performance has been growing in the last years (both at governmental and internal level), this is the moment for institutions to start a reflection on their own research evaluation procedures.

The reflection will be long and decisions very difficult, for this reason we think very comforting (because so true!) what Paul Wouters wrote about bibliometric indicators: “non of the bibliometric indicators can claim to be the perfect indicator to assess the performance of the individual researcher”. And is more comforting to read that someone is trying to define a sort of indicators guidelines.
This is was the topic during a special plenary at the 14th ISSI Conference inVienna, where Wolfgang Glanzel (Leuven University) and Paul Wouters (Leiden University) presented the paper The Dosand Don’ts in Individual-Level Bibliometrics.
We found this brief presentation very clear and inspirational.